Global Upgrades Preview / Standalone Version

As you may know, I am currently working on global upgrades. See above.

This is just a proof of concept, the stats are by no means final, and probably way too overpowered right now.

Global upgrades are basically a skill tree. Each minor skill costs 1 point, bigger ones cost 3 and end nodes cost 10 points. You would probably gain 1 point every day.

Steam Version

I also plan on releasing a steam standalone version. The online version will be then a “light” version of the game, basically a demo. Features I plan for the steam version:

  • Global Upgrades / Skill Tree

  • Save feature (E.g. 5 save slots or so for your games)

  • Map features like rivers & mountains

  • More levels

  • Maybe Powerups

  • And of course ad-free

What do you think? Would you buy a steam version? The online version would of course stay free, but would not include these features.

4 thoughts on “Global Upgrades Preview / Standalone Version

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  1. I’m sorry, but I would not buy it on steam. I do not play the game anymore, due to the fact that the game becomes monotonous due to wall spamming. I am also not interested because recently, the developer has left participating in the reddit, where I submit a ton of my ideas. Furthermore, there have not been any recent updates. I would rather buy a game where there are regular updates, and that just doesn’t seem to be happening here. However, I love the concept of the game.


    1. i love the game! what is reddit? But i have to wall spsm allot as well. Could we plz have a small demo of how map features would work? i play the game often and reach past day 100 every now and then. PLz tell me


      1. When they are implemented, I will make a post showing how they look and how they work! They didn’t make it into the next release though 🙂

        Best regards,


    2. Hi! Sad to hear that. The upcoming release this friday should actually be much more interesting! Also, just because I didn’t reply to all of your posts, this does by no means mean I left the subreddit. You should really visit the games discord, where most of the discussion about the game happens. And there haven’t been any updates the past days because I’ve been working hard on the next release!

      Best regards,


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