Yorg.io V2.0 Release

Hey everyone!

There is a brand shiny new update of Yorg.io – version 2.0 coming this Friday! Super pumped to announce these features below. If you ever have any suggestions, or want to beta test upcoming releases, please join the Discord community and come chat!

Saving / restoring the game

This is a very experimental feature in the beta. Right now, it only allows you to “export” the game as text, and reload it later. In later releases, I’m planning to have “save slots” etc and more convenience.

download (3)

This is the situation at the moment

(Almost) Unlimited levels

Levels now go up to 30, so its almost impossible to reach the maximum Level (challenge accepted)… Everything (cost, damage, etc) now scales with your progress (computed dynamically using an exponential curve – for all you nerds out there).

download (4)

Building limits now also scale with progress, which actually leads to less building at the start. But, with the higher limits, you can now have many more buildings,
meaning you can build huge bases!

Huge base – clearly…

Skill tree

The Skill tree allows to further upgrade buildings with skills
like increased damage, increased health, critical chance, and special abilities like the ability for walls to regenerate health during the night, invisible transporters and much more! Go check it out, it’s fun.


Shield Towers

A new type of tower has been added: Shield Towers. They use uranium to produce a new Resource called “Shields”. Shields are then distributed to the walls over your transport network. Walls can store a certain amount of shields, and can use them to absorb zombie attacks. For every attack, one shield is consumed. Attacks from bosses can not be shielded, though (They are simply too strong …)


Pausing during night

It is now possible to pause during Night. During pause is not possible to build buildings (could lead to exploits), but you can upgrade. In exchange, the game continues to run, even when losing focus, as long as the tab is visible

download (5).png

New placement options

Made it easier to do stuff. When holding N and clicking a building, it gets an upgrade. When holding X and clicking on a building, it sells it. When holding Alt and clicking a building, it maxes out. It’s no longer required to open the tooltip for this (woo!).

Hints when unlocking new features

When new towers are unlocked (Lightning Tower, Shield Tower), a short hint is shown which explains what they do and how to chain them.

download (2)

New notifications design

Notifications now look better! Here is an example when clicking to place a base while paused.

download (1)

Lots of performance improvements

Zombie ai has been reworked to be faster. The consumer network is now computed with multiple threads in the background. Should improve performance by a lot in the later days (rounds) of the game. That’s why there is now a “Recomputing Network” hint shown.

download (6)
This means background work happens

Resource visualizer now shows the demand/supply of resources instead of the total amount

This helps to identify network issues. For example, if you have 5 iron mines which produce 3 iron per second, there will be a 15 shown. This also takes into account defensive towers (It calculates how many resources you would have to produce to keep your towers filled).

download (7)

Towers are now smarter

When an enemy is about to receive fatal damage, the tower won’t overshoot at the zombie. For example, when the Arrow Tower does 100 damage per shot, and the enemy has 50 health, it will now only shoot one arrow at the enemy. Previously there would have been multiple arrows shot, which wasted ammo – and no one wants that.


Minor stuff

  • Added a key to toggle the user interface (F2):

download (8)

  • The map now has fog at the borders, so zombies slowly appear instead of just popping up: 

download (9)

  • Also, Zombies can now collide with each other: 

download (11)
download (10)

  • Added setting to display FPS
  • Improved UI

And that’s all for this post

Thank you so much for the continued support everyone!

Max – Community Guy.

13 thoughts on “Yorg.io V2.0 Release

Add yours

  1. Can you pls add like a SANDBOX mode so you have infinity crystals and you can put which boss/night it is
    Thanks love you’re game)


  2. Hi Max

    Is it possible to work with you on this project? I would like to help developing the game voluntary. Would be awesome to improve my skills also.


  3. Why not make a player vs player mode where a player can spend crystals to make zombies that will attack the other person’s base.


  4. Hi, Thank you for your work! btw, I just wonder what’s the ‘critical chance’ on the skill tree? Thanks for your reply in advance 🙂


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