Yorg.io V2.2 Release

Hey everyone!
Super excited about this quick new update. I couldn’t wait for a bigger update because this is a new gamemode that we have all wanted for a while now!

Sandbox mode:

Sandbox is crazy!
  • Experimental
  • Everything is free, and there are infinite crystals
  • You can upgrade your base to the maximum level you had in other gamemodes
  • You get as many skill points as you maximally had in other modes
  • It’s always night
  • You can select which wave to spawn, your selection is limited to the ones you reached in other gamemodes as well
  • There is a button to heal all buildings, because its always night
  • Also, there is a button to fill the storage of all buildings


Thanks, everyone! Have fun and leave your comments below or over at Twitter or Discord. Be sure to share your creations with @yorg_io on Twitter!

11 thoughts on “Yorg.io V2.2 Release

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    1. Yeah, sorry about that. Previously the game did not track which level you reached. Simply load an old savegame, survive on day and upgrade your base to unlock this 🙂


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