Yorg.io V2.2 Release

Hey everyone!
Super excited about this quick new update. I couldn’t wait for a bigger update because this is a new gamemode that we have all wanted for a while now!

Sandbox mode:

Sandbox is crazy!
  • Experimental
  • Everything is free, and there are infinite crystals
  • You can upgrade your base to the maximum level you had in other gamemodes
  • You get as many skill points as you maximally had in other modes
  • It’s always night
  • You can select which wave to spawn, your selection is limited to the ones you reached in other gamemodes as well
  • There is a button to heal all buildings, because its always night
  • Also, there is a button to fill the storage of all buildings


Thanks, everyone! Have fun and leave your comments below or over at Twitter or Discord. Be sure to share your creations with @yorg_io on Twitter!

13 thoughts on “Yorg.io V2.2 Release

Add yours

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. Previously the game did not track which level you reached. Simply load an old savegame, survive on day and upgrade your base to unlock this 🙂


  1. there is one thing they could add that would simply be cool, and also possibly increase (quite) the number of players, would be to add co-op mode (2-4 people), to play with friends, each could help build the basis (and build faster) or create separate and connected bases, one helping the other in resources, together could add the ” exchange market ” that would consist of you and your friend send a specific resource there, and your friend does the same, so the resource he sent there goes to you and yours to him.


  2. I think we should be able to max out everything in the sandbox you know cus its sand box we shouldn’t be limited by what we have reached in other game modes we should be able to see what we can have and work towards getting it its like a motivator. Anyways I am just saying this you dont need to do it


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