v2.5 Release – Lag fixes!

Global Transport

A lot of critism for past versions of YORG.io has been the lag in later features of the game:



Mainly this was related to the recomputation of optimal routes, many of you will probably recognize this:


So, this has been fixed! 

There is now a new skill called “Global Transport”. When unlocked, all resources are transported instantly to their target location, and all your transporters are sold (So you recieve 60% of the money you spent for them). You also can not buy any transporters afterwards anymore.

Due to this skill, no routes have to get calculated anymore, which vastly improves the performance in the later stages of the game!


Better Savegame Import/Export

Previously, you would get your savegames as a text which you would have to copy. This is tedious and error prone. You can now simply download your savegames as files, and import them by dragging them into the import dialog:



Whats next?

You might have noticed that there weren’t too many updates recently. This is because I am working on a new cool thing related to yorg.io! If you are interested, please join the Official Discord.

Also, remember if you are a native speaker and want to translate YORG.io in your native language or fix existing translations, check out the Official YORG.io Translation Portal.

Thanks again for your continued support!



4 thoughts on “v2.5 Release – Lag fixes!

Add yours

  1. Regarding this matter – it would be great if you could add a new option in the Settings, something called “Disable route recalculation during pause”.

    How I see it, when I pause the game, at least in later stages, when I already have all the researches (and “Global Transport” as well), I don’t want the routes to be recalculated every time I add a new Cannon.

    What I was trying to do – when I reached day 500, I had a strong set of walls in the form of a circle in the middle of the map.
    Then I wanted to pause every few days and create a new section of walls, right at the edge of the map.
    The plan was to slowly build walls along the complete map edge.

    The structure would be 3 rows of walls, 1 row of that electricity cannon (on rare, not 1 next to each other), then 2 full rows of Cannons, then 1 full row of Arrows.
    In order to do that, I needed to pause the game and put e.g. a bunch of walls (which wasn’t so much of a problem), 150 Arrows (which was a little bit of a problem) and 300 Cannons (which was a huge problem).
    Then I needed to remove a bunch of old Arrows and Cannons that won’t be used anymore, and that was a problem.

    The problem was – when adding a new Cannon, there was a 5 seconds delay for recalculating the routes, before I could add a new Cannon.
    300 cannons x 5 seconds delay = 1500 seconds = 25 minutes
    Just to put the Cannons!

    And I really didn’t need recalculating the routes at that point, not until I set my map correctly and press Play.

    If you could add such an option, that would allow me to quickly add or remove my buildings, press Play, and then recalculate the routes and continue with the game.
    If recalculating the routes at that point would take up to 5 minutes (which I guess would be under 1 minute anyway), I would be ok with it.

    Since I don’t have such an option, sadly, that turned me off from the game – which by the way – is a great concept and I enjoyed it very much!
    Thank you for your work so far, all the best compliments and I hope future players will enjoy it even more.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. I have another suggestion:

    When I turned off all the fancy graphics in the settings, I realized I don’t get an exclamation mark every time a wall/building is knocked down.
    I honestly don’t want to see the bad guys or their health status, but I need to be able to know when a part of my wall has been breached.

    I could definitely use that option (wall/building knocked down) as a separate checkbox in Settings.
    That way I could disable all the effects besides this useful option which in essence is not an effect, but a useful feature.



  3. Hello, Tobias!

    I’ve encountered very strange problems with saving the games. I tried to build the new large block of my base… Three times already :/ I have no idea what’s going on, but when I click “save” my game isn’t actually saving, but yorgio prints that saving was successful. Holy candies, I’ve tried to build this large block three times and every time I loose my progress.

    The first trying was bad because I didn’t know about routes recalculation, this OK 😀 My new block stayed with empty storages, without any shield, very silly and helplessly. Well, now I know the reason, It was sad but I ate this shit.

    But the second and the third tryings were bad because of another thing. I really dunno, what’s going on, but the saving is just broken 😦 Yorgio prints me that saving is OK, but it isn’t OK, because even on a preview of a saved game I can see my old base, Please help me, the dev guy. I wanna know, that this problem will never be happened with me nor any other player, it’s a real disaster u____u

    Thank you for reading!
    I hope this game will becoming more better and better.


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