v2.5 Release – Lag fixes!

Global Transport

A lot of critism for past versions of YORG.io has been the lag in later features of the game:



Mainly this was related to the recomputation of optimal routes, many of you will probably recognize this:


So, this has been fixed! 

There is now a new skill called “Global Transport”. When unlocked, all resources are transported instantly to their target location, and all your transporters are sold (So you recieve 60% of the money you spent for them). You also can not buy any transporters afterwards anymore.

Due to this skill, no routes have to get calculated anymore, which vastly improves the performance in the later stages of the game!


Better Savegame Import/Export

Previously, you would get your savegames as a text which you would have to copy. This is tedious and error prone. You can now simply download your savegames as files, and import them by dragging them into the import dialog:



Whats next?

You might have noticed that there weren’t too many updates recently. This is because I am working on a new cool thing related to yorg.io! If you are interested, please join the Official Discord.

Also, remember if you are a native speaker and want to translate YORG.io in your native language or fix existing translations, check out the Official YORG.io Translation Portal.

Thanks again for your continued support!



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